Rental hereinafter referred to as “Lessor”, hereby rents to the person whose signature appears on page 2 of this agreement, hereinafter referred to as “Renter”, The vehicle defined on page 2 hereof, hereinafter referred to as the “Vehicle” subject to all the terms and conditions on page 1 and 2 of this rental agreement.Renter acknowledges this and agrees:

  1. That Renter will return the vehicle, together with all tires, tools, accessories and equipment to station or as otherwise specified on page 2, and on the date specified on page 2. or sooner upon demand of Lessor.
  2. That the vehicle will not be operated:(a)to carry passengers or property for a consideration express or implied;
    (b)to propel or two any vehicle or trailer or any other object;
    (c)in any race, test or contest;
    (d)by any other person other than renter or members of renter’s immediate family, provided that all such operators shall be at least 23 years of age, duly qualified and licensed, with at least 2 years experience and that such other operator driver’s license is presented to Lessor at the time this rental agreement is entered into;
  3. Renter expressly acknowledges personal liability and shall pay to Lessor on demand: 

    (a)time, collision damage waiver and miscellaneous charges at the rate specified on page 2 hereof and all damage suffered by lessor due to any breach of this agreement;
    (b)all parking charges and all fines, charges and cost of parking, traffic or other legal violations where caused through cause of Renter;(c)Lessor’s cost including reasonable attorney’s fees, incurred in collecting payments due from the Renter under this agreement;(d)Lessor’s cost to repair collision or upset damage to the vehicle whether or not due to Renter’s fault, except if the vehicle is operated in accordance with the terms and conditions of this agreement and if the Renter accepts in advance the collision damage waiver as evidence by his initials in the “ACCEPTS” space provided on page 2 thereof;
    (e)All costs incurred by Lessor will bear interest at 1% per month as of the date of Renter’s default.

  4. The Renter also acknowledges personal liability to pay Lessor on demand the charge for the surcharge specified on page 2 hereof, payable on items (a), (b) and (c) of paragraph abovementioned as applicable being either; 

    (a)taxes imposed by law upon the rental transactioner;
    (b)reimbursement to Lessor for additional costs paid by Lessor under the Law in respect to the lease of the vehicle.

  5. That Renter and any authorized operator as prescribed in paragraph 2 preceding participates as an insured in ihe benefits of an
    automobile (third party) liability insurance policy, a copy for which is available for inspection at the headquarters of offices of the Lessor. Said policy is primary in respect to the other insurance as may be carried by the Rentei or other property authorized operators and contains coverage against bodily injury or death liability to the third party and property damage liability in each accident and subject to the limitations mentioned in said policy.
  6. That Renter hereby indemnifies, releases and holds harmless to the Lessor and its employees harmless of any liability, for loss of or any damage to property left, stored or transported by Renter or any other person in or upon the vehicle before, dur ing or after the term of this agreement or after return of the vehicle to Lessor, renter shall furthermore defend and indemnify Lessor against all claims based upon or arising out of such losses or damages; 
  7. Any waiver or modification of any of Lessor’s rights under this agreement shall be null and void unless evidenced by a document signed by and of the corporate director of Lessor; 
  8. In the event Renter directs Lessor to bill charges herein under to any other person or organization, such person or organization shall be jointly and severally liable for payment of all such charges; 
  9. Notwithstanding any of the provisions of the contract, the Renter shall be fully responsible for any and all damages’ to the vehicle caused driving over the legal speed limits; leaving the keys in the unattended vehicle or leaving the vehicle unlocked, or driving while under the influence of alcohol or drugs, or caused by any other irresponsible action by the renter or any other unauthorized operators. The renter shall prove that the vehicle has been operated in accordance with the provisions of this agreement. 
  10. Lessor reserves the right to repossess the vehicle at all times if the terms and conditions of this agreement are not adhered to by renter and/or any authorized operator. In such event a repossession charge equivalent to one day’s rental shall be payable by Lessee to Lessor. 
  11. Renter is obligated to report any and all occurrences pertinent to the vehicle, such as accidents, damages, theft, etc. within two hours thereinafter, to both the Police Department and Lessor.